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Terms and Conditions of Renting

When renting with us you legally agree to the below terms and conditions and are therefore obliged to meet the terms of this contract.

01. Our Commitment to you

Lend the Trends promises to provide you with a great condition garment that arrives to you clean.

When booking through Lend the Trends, we promise that we will deliver the garment ordered in the colour, style and correct size, for your selected date. In the highly unlikely event you should receive something that does not match your order, we promise to issue you a full credit for the rental fee and find a suitable replacement.

If any garment has multiple notable imperfections it will either be added to the $60 and under section on the Lend the Trends website and/or the imperfections will be listed in the items description. Please note that this is for anything that significantly affects the wear of the garment, but in most cases garments that have multiple imperfections are not listed on our sites. As our garments are multi-used, please note that all our pieces will not be in perfect condition. However, they will still arrive beautiful and meet our renting standards.

If a garment arrives to you and you are not happy with the condition, contact will need to be made within 24 hours of the garments arrival - any complaints about imperfections including but not limited to marks, pulls or fading, that are made outside of this time period will be disregarded. 
If contact is made within this time period, Lend the Trends will come to a resolution with the customer at their discretion.

02. Your commitment to Lend the Trends

Once the garment has been delivered to you, you become responsible for it. Lend the Trends Limited will not be held accountable for non-delivery or hold any responsibility for parcels left unattended. Please make sure there is someone to receive the parcel at the address you have supplied us with, whether you are at a work or business address, once an item is delivered, it is out of our control. 

03. Rental period

The rental period is based on the dates agreed between you and Lend the Trends. This is done when booking your garment and from you choosing exactly what date you will be wearing the piece. We aim to have your piece to you at least one working day before your event, however this is sometimes earlier. 

The garment/s rented from Lend the Trends is of single use and must be worn only by you, we will remain the owner of the garment throughout your rental period and remain the owner of the garment even if the garment becomes lost, damaged or damaged beyond repair.

The garment must be returned one day after your event and you shall not hold the garment any longer than that of the expiry period. Late fees do apply, see section 05 sub section 03 ‘Late Fees’ for more information.

04. Shipping

When providing a dress for your item to be delivered please ensure that this is your physical address that of which you hold yourself accountable for the item delivered. If you provide us an address where you do not physically reside, Lend the Trends will take no responsibility for non delivery or any liability that happens to the product after delivery.

All rented items must be returned by using the prepaid envelope that will arrive with the garment. If the pre-paid bag is misplaced you will need to purchase a new bag, with tracked overnight courier and send this information to us immediately. If you need our address again, please make sure to contact us via email and Instagram DM to ensure your message is received. 

Orders that are classified as rural under the New Zealand Post System, and rural delivery was not paid for, will not get refunded if the item does not arrive on time for your event – you need to inform us if you require rural or Saturday delivery, this is at the check out.

Lend the Trends use a third party postage service and therefore take no responsibility for any items that are not delivered or are delivered late. We are unable to offer a refund if the item has been sent within the overnight delivery timeframe. Therefore if the item is ‘attempted for delivery’, 'item picked up, ‘item at depot’ or if a ‘redelivery’ was arranged but the garment did not arrive on time, we take no responsibility.

Please note that postage delays are highly unlikely and we use overnight postage to ensure your rental gets to you at least one day before your event. We at our own discretion, may offer a store credit or change the date of your booking, subject to availability. 

05. Fees

01. Rental fee
The rental fee charged for the garment rented will be listed on the Lend the Trends website and will be charged in New Zealand dollars. The payment of the rental will be made in full, including the postage fee. The postage fee is for Monday-Friday delivery and for non-rural addresses. When submitting your order, you authorise us to charge your credit/debit card immediately.

02. Damage fee
If the garment is returned with fake tan, make up or beauty product stains, or is returned extremely dirty an extra dry-cleaning charge will apply. This is of sole discretion of Lend the Trends when a garment is returned in a non-satisfactory state and we are the determiners of this condition. We will contact you immediately of such damages and will notify you of the transaction.

You will be liable to all cleaning or damage costs if an item is returned to us in unacceptable condition. If an item is damaged beyond repair, Lend the Trends reserves the right to charge you 150% of the items retail value.

If an item has been damaged and needs repairs and alteration turn around time impacts the arrival of the garment to the next renter, you will be charged both the refund fee of that item as well as the original rental fee. For example, $45.00 refund and $45.00 for the original booking fee, minus postage costs. This is to ensure that we do not miss out due to alteration costs and garment negligence. We will charge all recurring costs relative due to these inconveniences. 

If an item is damaged, stained or impacts the overall condition, look or size of the dress, Lend the Trends reserves the right to charge you an extra damage cost. This is up to sole discretion of Lend the Trends.

03. Late fees
If the garment is not sent or dropped back to Lend the Trends the next working day after your rental a $30 late fee will be charged to you. If the garment has not arrived 
within three working days after your booking you will be charged 100% of the rental fee until the rental is returned and so fourth until the item is returned. If the item is not returned within two weeks, you will be charged 150% of the retail price of the garment.

If the late return of your garment impacts the delivery and arrival of the garment for the next renter of that item, you will be charged both the refund fee of that item as well as the original rental fee. For example, $45.00 refund and $45.00 for the original booking fee, minus postage costs. We will charge all recurring costs relative due to these inconveniences. 

06. Cancellations and refunds

If you change your mind or if your event is cancelled or postponed, Lend the Trends will offer no refunds or exchanges under any circumstances.

07. General

If an item is damaged, damaged beyond repair, lost or stolen, Lend the Trends reserves the right to cancel your booking and will consequently store credit you. We will aim to contact you as soon as possible for any cancelations and offer you a suitable replacement.  

Festival rentals: Please note that for all bodysuits and bottom pieces rented under Lend the Trends Festival, for hygienic purposes underwear must be worn underneath.

COVID19 Cancellations:

Due to the nature of Covid-19 we will only offer a store credit to renters for all rental orders that have not already been sent and or delivered.

All orders sent or picked up already and then requested to be cancelled (related to Covid isolation restrictions) will not be credited or refunded as the booking has already been fulfilled. 

Store credits last one year and are valid on Lend the Trends.

Please contact us as soon as possible if you are affected by Covid restrictions or your event does not go ahead.

Please note that Lend the Trends Limited reserves the right to collect any and all amounts due from you as per this agreement; this includes the use of legal action and/or the use of third party collection agencies. Please note if a third party is used, these fees will also be at your own expense.

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